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The development of Afrikalan is carried out on a 100% voluntary basis. The collected donations are entirely used to finance the equipment in educational computers of schools, libraries, etc… For this reason the donations are not directly collected by the development team of Afrikalan itself, but by trusted associations deploying Afrikalan in West Africa.

La majorité des équipements Afrikalan se font au Mali, grâce à l’action de l’association française Bilou Toguna. Bilou Toguna est solidarité internationale agissant au Mali dans différents domaines: eau, éducation, santé. Bilou Toguna a équipé plus de 100 bibliothèques maliennes en ordinateurs éducatifs et continue ces actions.

Donation via HelloAsso, 100% secure online donation site.

You can visit the Bilou Toguna website to learn more about the association and the actions carried out (French language).

The actions in Mali are still continuing despite the current situation. No one is sent to dangerous areas, but long-standing ties with people living in the cities where we operate, as well as with the competent administrations, make it possible to send and maintain equipment, train teachers and monitor the project remotely from Bamako.

Spread the project

The best way to make Afrikalan grow is that other associations carrying out international solidarity actions in the field of education to take it over and distribute it elsewhere. All developments made for Afrikalan are under free license for this purpose.

We are available to respond to any request for technical assistance in this regard. If wide distribution is planned, it is possible to work together to translate certain activities into other languages.

Give a second life to an unused Raspberry pi

Do you or a friend of yours have a Raspberry pi sleeping in a closet? We can give him a second life in Mali where he will make people happy.

Just send it to:
Association Bilou Toguna
25 rue Henri MARTIN
31700 BLAGNAC.

Good to know::

  • We no longer use Raspberry pi 1. But Raspberry pi 2 and beyond will be very useful.
  • No need to send power supplies. They are bulky and increase the cost of sending, we find them easily in Mali.
  • The Pi boxes will also not be useful to us. We have boxes specifically adapted to the project (protection of the SD card) made in Mali.


Feel free to download the system and contact us to send us any comments and suggestions that seem relevant to you, this is always enriching for a project.